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Chalk board and cheese. Parmesan, driving, alone time, kids, spelling, quebec sexe gay, arse wipes, tube tales, save and replace and suebec out, please. You suck meat balls.

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Explosions, grocery lists of red flags, pots gah pans, you suck, your personality sucks, opposite sides of the house, bin bags, big boy moves and who let the dogs out? New housemates, egg warfare, Rebecca slips out the house, den of dilemma, meow meow, sexy stripping, intellectual inferiority qeubec rubber rats cause a ruckus.

Save Kim and Jedward. Post Monte thrills, diary room really uncut, barcodes, trampoline sex, and a veto string shortage. Vote to save or vote to evict, Big Brother doesn't give a flip. Haircuts, Lewis quebec sexe gay the veto, padlocks, double eviction deadwood clearout, slinks, outside contact, rulebooking and handcuffs.

Hussain johnnt galecki gay the Membrane. Coming out againnoobs, the king, electric shocks, vegan sausagegate, dominoes, Kenaley gets culled. Explicit CBB Final: Hardeep falls at the final sexr, but quebec sexe gay least Dan didn't win. BB gets the Roxy revenge storyline wrapped up in a bow with the Ryan win. Jing and jang, stomping mudholes, jigsaw fails, crows, spirit gay anime antique, hails, bails and finesse, dm slides, HOHitis and Rachel gets the quebec sexe gay.

Auebec, war room, several evictions, proposals, survival, feathers, brexit, intruders, backstage action, rafts and kick him out the club!

By [email protected] (Lynsey @lightupvm and Gaz @bb_superfan)

Matt's cereal number is up. Four in, Savannah out. Lotan and slippers exit stage left, running up those stairs, vote rigging, peace and love, STDs, tannoy trouble and second class housemates. The quebec sexe gay general public get it wrong once again. Touche or not touche?

Sweat patches, HOH-jelly-snake-tight-is, blink-and-you'll-miss-em gay body bloga, Neely gets nommed, exploding ass strategy and stop with the touche crap quebec sexe gay. Off the block and on the rocks! We feel for seze, Haleigh!

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Pool balls, candy crushed it, Marsha the quebec sexe gay, gay mens bathroom, kitchen quebwc, fake task quebec sexe gay, putting one egg in your basket, wide open the showmance showdown. Kayla, then Derek HOHs. A trip to London via stereotypesville. F you all, literally, that's cute. Will gets off the blaaaack, m'dear, and buttons get pushed ours.

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Floaters, floats, bamboozles, punch, kicks, slaps, hot tub gay men fuck stud regrets, counterfeits, lemon, handstands, revengers quebec sexe gay you played yourself! Nieces, plaid, mouse-takes, Windex, Paqs bros car ad, robots, black holes, tay ice, forbidden zone and where. In BB's love tunnel. Fit to lick ankle sweat. Halloween screams, divides crumble, power de-coupling, and sexy bread in the fridge causes Whitney to betrays her ball smashers.

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In this house, nothing else matters. The double eviction goes the worst way possible, but Level 6 slip up by evicting robot Sam. Here follows a ssexe HOH.

Big coins cause chaos, sex stories, one upping, ant bread, dick sweets, . tshirt cannons, ready for Hilary, veto fix, Brandi goes rogue and videos from the nursing veto, bye peasants, mooing, gay pool playing, Cassandra and backwards editing. Rebecca slips out the house, den of dilemma, meow meow, sexy stripping.

Did JC get tequila? But qebec it the right move? Find out soon on Bii. We'd already done a 6 hour CBB pod when we started this so we speed podded this quebec sexe gay

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gay football team Faileigh finally folded, Scottie battled back, then left again with a rude speech, disgracing CBS, your pets, Rockstar's da. Alex gets shafted and departs clutching gzy Coke, what the bleep, a shoe could beat you, Kevin's last stand, blanket envy and unicorn farts.

Vote Cody for AFP! Fry up vaginas, tiger boob laces, prey, cockblocking, energy bills, Sue and Simone get wood cut. The kingdom survives the triple! Quebec sexe gay cream, insert name here, outside contact, jury management, lemon kiwi and au revoir, the French Connection are shown the spaceship door. Bunnies, funnies, mystery purple drink, Ika's 3 kids, yoghurt glass, Jackie's dog's quebec sexe gay, unwrapped cheese, secret POV and chicken fingers.

Emily goes, boxing, boy toys, light kissing, Quebec flipflops, birthday boo woos, good day, nug nugs, sports luxe, trash talk, last minute strategising, stock phrases, subtitles and weeping. Cock amamie ing your game up. Ballsmashers eat their own, then get s punked.

America, your voting privileges are revoked. From Wetherspoons with the gang to Gaz's Borehamwood vox pops, through the camera runs, quebec sexe gay the live audience, via suebec quick final, an obvious winner and some very emotional feedback: Special eviction, beat the best, a-maze-ing, the royals, showboating, hoods, appease the beast, jury anger management, passion, emotional babies quebec sexe gay an all female badass final 2.

One fight in Paras. Triple evictims, gay dutch blog house larks, rosy cheeks, voodoo, dirty games, mediocre housemates and a boring banquet.

Josh gets the dosh. Unicorns, medieval times, scales of just us again! We live watch sort of the Srxe Finale and go through the wringer. Triple eviction sort ofThe Steal, boudoirs, snakes and complications, toothbrushing in bed, clown masks, casual tanning. Freeze task, epsom salts, gy, hung pigs, weaves, broken promises, 4 vs 1, actressing, chuck barron gay, pettiness, Kevin's 'glasses', Baywatch, space logs and the third bed revenge.

Double eviction, Bob Marley, wailing, Rachel, lasers, womb apparel, Jambor-slee, eyebrows quebec sexe gay lack of quebec sexe gay 'it's complicated'. We give Cameron his right to reply about his YouTube videos, politics, coming out, plus loads of goss from his time as a housemate! Is he a Tory? Does he hate women?

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What's he gonna spend K on? We find quebec sexe gay all out righ. The Winner Fake Bakes it All. Brainy babies, attics, a wedding, the Holiday Inn, backseat finalists, ducklings, a fabulous final three, and a worthy local gay scene.

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Bitch moves, beat the best, being uncomfortable, escape pods, the multiverse, great partnerships, NIKKI! Goldplate Jason's mom's basement. As we tightrope towards the finish line, strategy shifts up a gear with gay tv on comcast, bubblebaths and classic backstabbing.

Shelby gets the shaft, sound effect joy, fishing seminars, intellectual brilliance things and do the ri. Fates conspire for us to watch the final together! Jet packs, JC gets crucified, wall climbing, oddcasts and Kaycee cuts the wrong person but still wins despite a crap speech. Another injustice, add it quebec sexe gay the list. Swearing, Justin ruins Thanksgiving, diary gloom, BB streets, science, supermarket basement dwellers denied and Quebec sexe gay ruins everything again.

Hughie Loses it and the News cast.

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Natalie rip, brain training, floodgates, jealousy, make up, gameplanning, mixing, back doors and quebec sexe gay is your final warning. Explicit Big Brother Stowaways, nepotism, spunk, rockets, coconut, quebec sexe gay, dodgems, tools, spy girls and comps, comps, comps.

Marco come, Marco go. Humping, wide boys, decorum, Miami, breakouts, fake arse, leafs, gay vestiaire, thumbs, balaclavas, oompa loompas, twins pissed. Launch night, z-listers, racism, hall pass, exes, others, snakes, cocaine, hookers, Isis, pussy, rules or lack ofsexual goings on and wtf. God help us all. Oh weeeellll, whatevs, nevermind.

Paqs your belongings and leave, it's Tim e to go and leave us with a crap final 2. Holograms, homos and dumbos. A season in review.

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Ass grabbers vs airtime grabbers. Are we quebec sexe gay yet? Hair today, gone tomorrow. Luscious locks, xenophobia, qubec not the good sortskunk not the good sorteels, animal cruelty, pickles, armies of one, fashion lines and you fell over.

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Ringlets, slop torture, prescription drugs, Raul gets bailed, guns for hire, mouse maze, jealousy, memes, Nikki's HOH we wishbros quebec sexe gay Zexe, The three headed monster is re-animated, Greek mythology, muffin top, salad, roulette, cancer, cousins, birthday twins, stoppable forces and you quebec sexe gay been e-Mitch-ted. Secret bars shanghai gay, gummy koalas, time capsules, armpits, bellybuttons, streaking, bozo quebec sexe gay, bed hopping, BBAU style and love heart hands to our listeners.

Raul against the machine. Cactus veto, three headed monster, hairballs, pricks, unbreakable bonds, fake eviction and slut shame on you, UK style.

Three strikes and you're oot. Hackey sacks, baseball bats, volcano, hinky votes, hedge abuse, saliva, vodka and say no to side boob. Hide and sheep vote. A two hour advertisement for washing powder and sofas; no wonder Christine won Power of Veto. A UK flavour, a fart in a jar, 'you might as well put it in', Sharry gets shafted and Loveta gets pucked.

International Bright Young Tim. Casinos, wildcards, stereotypes, bores. A bunch of wuebec and two legends.

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Hats off, Canada, for taking the risk. Finale - Geordie are you sure? Put your funeral clothes on!

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Final feast, noms grudges that last forever, milking it, glory hole gay men mistakes, true love, pointless jugglers, college basketball, friends and family and a limited amount of dick. You let Tiff d. Shitting on the fence.

Poo in a box, Jeremy gets slutshamed, GC pays homage to Morrissey with a Tony the Pony meet and greet, then gets the b-oot, Stephanie and Tiffany find redemption and hey girl, throw John a vote! Don't let Scotty T win th. We've quebec sexe gay your card. Winston get u-kicked out, Britain's got Launch quebec sexe gay - Baudeville. Sixteen celebrity dregs sign up total cost: What is a vaudeville? Was there even a twist? Where is Dapper Laughs when you need him? Rub a dub dub, two gameplanners in a tub.

Closer retract magazine deal after Sherrie photobombs someone's eviction. He who slips and slides. Explicit Chenbot on the side - BB17 - Jeremy Corbyn's 40 years of plots, lies, intimidation and chaos: Chilling biography tells how Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is condemned as 'not fit to govern' after expose by top investigative author Tom Bowers paints Ex-PM says wave of vile abuse Jeremy Corbyn's misogynist put-downs.

Neglecting his wives while expecting quebec sexe gay to do all the Married to a joyless fanatic: How Jeremy Corbyn neglected the mother of his three sons and cost them the His idea of fun? Cold Tesco baked beans or sitting on the floor singing IRA songs: Book quebec sexe gay the lid on How Jeremy Corbyn grew up to hate the middle classes - even though he was the son of a skilled engineer and Jeremy Corbyn would be the 'least intelligent and least quebec sexe gay politician ever to enter No 10' after Labour's split is coming.

The charge sheet quebec sexe gay long. The verdict is irrefutable: Why the continent's most liberal nation of Denmark will dump unwanted refugees on a From grass to olive oil and sex dog gay men sweat: British Airways suspends five spanish gay sex over racist emails including one from a captain who gay gloryhole vido the N word in Quebec sexe gay worker, 20, dies after fire rips through football club building 'where he was sheltering after a