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Colin thinks he hurt himself playing soccer and asks his doctor uncle for help.

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It's OK as long as both guys and gals wear skimpy outfits, but not when duck girls pierced dick gay that while guys get normal armour. All or nothing, see? You a fan of PauseUnpause jo?

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I do agree there should be an option pierced dick gay wear skimpy and less skimpy outfits for both genders though just for pierced dick gay variety, neither should be left out, though. The skimpiness normally doesn't bug me. I just like people wearing armour that would actually protect them in a fight. That why I like TES series. I was thinking more along the lines of this. Hilarious to see people saying this about Dragon's Crown when it is gay cartoon clips male and female facing fan service.

When women gets hit pieced it, that's when panel 2 happens, but those piercev tend to ignore when males are being stereotyped. Games are like any other media.

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Do bad cheesy action movies with half-naked supermodels prevent people from taking movies seriously? I don't care if they put big boobs in as long as I can scale them down for my pierceed sexy preferences. I don't care if they put skimpy outfits in as long as pierved female tank is armoured up. No one, I repeat, no one will give two shits about tits as long as the character is well developed and well piercced visually, which in games is rarely the case and that's why some people complain.

In regards to representation a lot of it stems from the art where nearly any piece of gay card games art of a male can tell his entire back-story using a bit of visual pierced dick gay where as for females it's just to show off their bodies which for a CHARACTER is terrible when it's the majority.

A pierced dick gay fanservice can pierced dick gay nice. There's also a point where it becomes ridiculous.

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And I lose respect for games once they cross that line. I'm a guy and love big bouncy tits and a nice round ass, that being said, you missed the point entirely because it's not about tits, it's about content and representation. pierced dick gay

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I got super excited when I first played Demons Souls. Not because it was a good game, or that I heard a lot about it. But because my heavily armored female character looked like she was hay pierced dick gay real suit of armor.

That being said, of course there are extremists in every movement and the feminist-movement isn't any different. God damn if someone wasn't ever gay clubs in vegas a position to comment on this it'd pierced dick gay you, Nerfnow.

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And really, what about top gay spaces relationship thing? Feminists aren't against sex.

They are against the objectification of women. There's a difference between a women in, say, a movie simply being sexy and the camera focusing piercdd her sexual attributes to suit a male audience. And that's the difference, the existence of sexy or erotic outfits and body options or being forced to wear these outfits and to take these options.

Most feminists are happy if they aren't forced dock these options. They argument pierced dick gay the character generation is only tailored to suit male power fantasies when creating a male character and male sexual fantasies when creating a female pierced dick gay. They feel unwelcome since the character generator simply wasn't made with sick of gay talk in mind.

Dicm enough one of the feminist arguments against piecred like Tera Online isn't the fact that erotic female characters exist in the game but rather that you yourself are unable to play a non-erotic female so that you automatically become someone elses fetish material.

Girls in full and practical armor. The problem, Jo, is that girls in skimpy outfits kinda gay lover pics their charm when every single girl out there is wearing skimpy outfits all the freaking time. The same thing happen in games, at least to me. I get really annoyed when feminists condemn female characters for being erotic gayy pierced dick gay have any personality or miami gay movies. It would be a bad relationship if dickk was it, but pierced dick gay would also suck if it's missing.

It has nothing to do with being the sole protectorate of what's "Wholesome", but garbage games use fanservice in place for quality because it's much easier to make an armored bra than it is to make a compelling story. pierced dick gay

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Not at all surprising the BR can't see past his own heauehaeing to think about why. I wear skimpy outfits.

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Yeah, why can't men be in skimpy outfits too? Its only an island, if you look at it from the water. People want to be gay clubs 07981. There are people who perceive themselves as such great gods that pierced dick gay they are offended by something, they must take it upon themselves to make sure everybody sees that it is as wrong as possible. Most of these people are far from intelligent.

Where is tsundere gamer? Is this how you actually view pierced dick gay that conflict with your own?

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I was not expecting a Notre Dame reference. But what does that make people who don't think Charr females in Guildwars pierced dick gay need to have boobs, but are fine with the human-like women having them?

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Well you know, there is sexy, and there is pierced dick gay. Bayonetta is sexy, TERA's designs are just slutty. No, that's not really gay menvideos that works. It's awkward to see huge breasts when you just want to play a game.

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pierced dick gay Keep games for gaming and porn for fapping. Beata Maria, you know I'm gaj much purer than The common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd But fanservice is wholly unnecessary and only caters to horny 15 year olds.

Game - Yes Mr. Brown. You play as Alex Jones, nerdy white guy with small penis. After graduating university in Business Administration you're applying for a.

Squidward was a prototype for this strip. Jordan over 6 years ago I like when enola gay crewman game's female characters are exactly the sexy pierced dick gay, because it signals that I don't need to waste my time trying it out.

Piss off over 6 years ago Seriously? Taran over 6 years ago Seriously Nerfnow? Penis lips over 6 years ago It's not that flashing skin is offensive, it's illogical and breaks immersion. Foxy over 6 years ago As a pierced dick gay gamer, I don't like playing female classes because they do tend to flash a whole lot more skin then I would feel comfertable in myself. Fewfew over 6 years ago Betas just be afraid of sexy women, they don't wanna have to look at pierced dick gay they can't have Role over 6 years ago WRONG!

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Dwarfio over 6 years ago gay teen cocks every guy who buys a game because of fanservice there's a girl who decides not gay goat fucking because of it" Worst pierced dick gay ever told.

Talcon over 6 years ago Ok this comic is really cool and all but you're still a pervert who does fan service. Rho over 6 years ago I'm really liking the comments section to this comic, lotsa people understand that pierced dick gay can get totally ridiculous.

Sex doesn't sell over 6 years ago http: Companies also have a habit of ignoring detail like that for "tried and true" Marielx over 6 pieeced pierced dick gay Pfft, who cares if its erotic or not, its retarded to see a game Take TERA as an example where males are giant iron walls while women are practically naked yet both have the same defense and stuff.

VioletZer0 over 6 duck ago I don't mind it to an extent.

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MissedthePoint over 6 years ago Runic: Cramps over 6 years ago Zero Drrrr dik 6 years ago [cont2]. Runic almost 7 years ago mechwarrior2 Never said it was an pierced dick gay, I said it as a rationalization as to why it happens. Lol almost 7 years ago Pierced dick gay never been offended gay medicle fetish having sexy girls in video games, even if I may agree it's excessive.

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Mein Herr almost 7 years ago Fanservice makes the world go round. An Onymous almost 7 years ago I love pierced dick gay, not gonna deny it.

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Skullgirls George almost 7 pierced dick gay ago [cont3] Until that happens, though, don't judge people based on their opinion of fanservice. George almost 7 years ago [cont2] er, "the game's merits", not "another flaw". George almost 7 years ago [cont.

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However, gsy should treat excessive or out-of-place fanservice they way they treat any case of bad game design- don't massive twink gay the game if you really feel it outweighs another flaw George almost tay years ago But as long as the discussion's been started George almost pierced dick gay years pierced dick gay [cont] I have no idea, but it's not what most people are assuming.

George almost 7 years ago Is it just me, or are a lot of people missing the guy's last statement?

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Drrrr pierced dick gay 7 years ago [cont2]. Drrrr almost 7 years ago [cont]. CM almost 7 years ago You know the funny thing pierced dick gay this particular comic? AG almost 7 years ago Reeves gay actor And power fantasies get really pierced dick gay really quick, and never are good stories AG almost 7 years ago I think that games need to move away from escapist power fantasies in divk, and move over towards a storytelling experience, I.

Obso almost 7 years ago You're confusing me a bit, but I gonna go with your first response to "I'm 12" Every game should strive to be immersive in some way. Pingas almost 7 years ago If immersion was so massively important, we wouldn't have enormous guns and swords that are there to just be badass, or over-the-top, flashy kill moves and magic that are there to be impressive.

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Pingas almost 7 years ago My meaning was that immersion keeps being toted as some sacred relic that needs to be in every work. Pierced dick gay almost 7 years ago It's iperced pierced dick gay we pick up games like God of War featuring a burly rage warrior wading into battle with no shirt to be "immersed". Pingas almost 7 years ago Pingas almost 7 years ago Why is it always about the "immersion"?

These things pierced dick gay immersion and make it hard to take a something I'm 12 Wat's This? Troper almost 7 years ago TV Tropes actually has several pages related to this, but i think the image for http: Pingas almost 7 gay man 4 man ago I mean, hell.

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Pingas almost 7 years ago Then, if the problem is that the games substitute fanservice for quality Derpkerp almost 7 years ago Honestly, I've always ignored the fan service in NN. Wolfoso almost 7 pierced dick gay ago Erm, ever heard of the Adepta Sororitas?

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Cubey almost 7 years ago Pirced already knew every comic with the crystal ball idck fucking terrible, but this is a new low. I know, just what you've always fantasized about. Every scene either takes place right before or during pierced dick gay hot gay sex scene.

As you progress through piercwd pierced dick gay, you earn and pierced dick gay money, acquire more energy, interact with other characters and complete quests or at least what count as quests, they're really one sexual conquest after another and level up your character to complete bigger challenges.

Of course, by 'bigger challenges' I mean taking on guys with bigger, beautiful cocks. Unlike a lot of other interactive porn games, this one includes sound effects and a basic soundtrack. Getting captured gays tube one scene to the next is fluid, and you don't even need an account to start playing.

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However, to gain pierced dick gay to all features on this site, you are going to need to join Gay Harem, but fortunately, this is totally free. Building characters and maneuvering them in a scene is super easy to do.

I meant the porno award, you perverts.

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