West Virginia Supreme Court Justices Impeached over Extravagant Spending

Here is an article from the Huffington Post about the impeachment of four West Virginia Supreme Court justices because of excessive spending on office renovations and overpayment of senior judges.

Justices Allen Loughry, Margaret Workman, Robin Davis and Elizabeth Walker were impeached and will stand trial in the West Virginia Senate.  The fifth member of the court, Justice Menis Ketchum, resigned in July and agreed to plead guilty to wire fraud.

Allen Loughry spent $363,000 on his office renovation that included a $32,000 sofa.  He was indicted on 22 counts of fraud, making false statements to the FBI and witness tampering.

Margaret Workman  approved the overpayment of senior status judges when she was chief justice, a violation of state law.  The House rejected an article of impeachment on her renovation expenditures — she spent $111,000 to update her chambers.

Robin Davis was impeached for shelling out more than $500,000 on office renovations. She spent more than $23,000 on design services and purchased an oval rug that cost about $20,500.  She served as chief justice for six years.

Elizabeth Walker spent about $131,000 on renovations, including $27,000 on “office furnishings and wallpaper.”  She was impeached for a lack of oversight of the entire court.  An article of impeachment was rejected that she hired outside counsel to write a court opinion for $10,000.

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