Basketball – Have you heard of the Elam Ending

My kids love basketball.  I loved basketball when I was a kid.  But, I can’t watch it on TV any more.  Call me an old timer, but it’s just not the same game.  I’m tired of the traveling, the fouls (called and not called), and probably the players’ arrogance.  I also don’t like the way the games end.  Either a blowout or a foul-fest.  There is an answer.

I recently heard of the Elam Ending.  Here’s how it works:

At the first deadball under the four-minute mark of the fourth quarter, a target score is determined by adding seven points to whoever is in the lead at that moment. If Team X leads Team Y 56-54 at the first deadball under four minutes, the target score will be 63 and the clock is turned off.

The first team to get to 63 points wins, no matter how long it takes.

Instead of the game ending in a foul-fest and free throws, every possession will be important.

There will always be a game-winning shot.  The team losing can play defense and still have a chance to win.

I like it.

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