What can be done to improve judicial elections?

The hardest part of running for a judicial position is raising money.  You cannot get your message out or get votes without it.

The Code of Judicial Conduct requires that a candidate have a committee for this purpose.  Here are a few suggestions to the members of the Bar that will help ensure fair judicial elections this year.

  1.  If there is a contested race in a judicial district that you practice, volunteer to serve on a candidate’s committee (even chair it) and help (solicit contributions) the candidate raise the funds necessary to rule a good campaign
  2. Send the candidate’s committee a check for at least $200 on June 1st (or no later than September 1st).
  3. If the is more than one qualified candidate, send a check for at least $200 to the committee for each candidate you believe is qualified.
  4. If you can’t afford $200, send a check for $10.
  5. Volunteer to help.  Send a letter to your clients encouraging them to vote for qualified candidates, volunteer to work events, host fundraisers, stuff envelopes, or go door-to-door.  Or, just get a couple of their campaign stickers and wear them as your work in October and November.

If every lawyer affected by a judicial campaign would get involved, candidates would be able to focus on meeting voters and getting their message out to voters.

Judicial elections work best when all lawyers get involved.

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