Chancellor Carter Bise selected for Civil Rules Advisory Committee

Outstanding selection in my opinion.

Press release from Mississippi AOC.

Chancellor Carter Bise of Gulfport has been appointed to the Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules. He will join the Rules Advisory Committee Jan. 1.

Judge Bise was nominated by the Mississippi Conference of Chancery Judges to take the place of Chancellor Jerry G. Mason of Meridian on the Rules Advisory Committee. Judge Mason served on the Rules Advisory Committee for eight years.

Court of Appeals Judge Virginia C. Carlton is another recent appointee to the Rules Advisory Committee. She was appointed Sept. 15 to serve through December 2018. Judge Carlton replaced Presiding Judge T. Kenneth Griffis, who stepped down from the Rules Advisory Committee June 30 after serving seven and one-half years.

The 15-member committee, composed of judges, lawyers and representatives of the two Mississippi law schools, assists the Supreme Court in its rule-making responsibilities by studying and recommending needed changes to Mississippi’s court rules of practice and procedure.

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