Quote – the burden of caselaw

A written opinion will serve no good purpose. The time of a court, the docket of which is crowded to the extent that the docket of this court is, should not be wasted in the writing of opinions solely for the purpose of advising a litigant of the reasons upon which the court acted in deciding his case. Moreover, the burden of case law has become unbearable to both bench and bar, and the courts owe it both to themselves and to the bar to refrain from increasing this burden unnecessarily.

Yazoo & M.V.R. Co. v. James 67 So. 484, 484 (Miss. 1915)

2 thoughts on “Quote – the burden of caselaw

  1. That sounds like someone who is lazy or wants to rule based on the identify of the parties rather than the pesky facts and law.

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