The Spring Trial and Appellate Judges Conference has been held this week.  With judicial elections next year, there will be plenty of discussion about judicial elections.  There are a number of judges that plan to retire by resigning early or not running for reelection next year.

The first date to watch is June 30.  Under PERS, it’s my understanding that a person must be retired, or in the system, for one fiscal year before they draw the coveted 13th check.  This is an incentive to retire in June rather than later in the year.   I expect that there will be a few judges who announce their retirement and resign before June 30th.  I’ve heard talk of at least one who has already made this decision.

The second date to watch is December 31st.  With the qualifying period between January and May, the judges that decide not to run next year will most likely announce their intentions before December 31st so that potential candidates have plenty of time to decide if they want to run.  I’ve heard talk of at least 10 judges who have made this decision already.

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