Law School v. Bar Exam v. Admission

There are several posts about the February Bar Results.  The question today is – do we trust our law schools to produce quality lawyers?  Heck, do we trust the bar exam to decide whether someone is qualified to practice law?

I don’t think we do.  Otherwise, why would we also have Continuing Education Rule 3(b):


b. Each attorney newly licensed to practice law in the State of Mississippi, from and after August 1, 2015, shall, by the conclusion of the second CLE year occurring after their date of admission to The Mississippi Bar, attend or complete a new-lawyer program approved by the Commission on Continuing Legal Education, which shall be comprised of a total of twelve (12) actual hours of CLE to include six (6) hours of basic skills training and six (6) hours of ethics/professionalism. Completion of the new-lawyer program shall satisfy the requirement of subsection (a) of this Rule for such newly licensed attorney for both the CLE year of admission and the next succeeding CLE year.

I think the answer to my questions is that we don’t.  You can see through many posts, I believe we are being suffocated by Rules.  Here is an example.  You’ve passed law school, you’ve passed the bar, and we say you have to “pay for” and sit through 6 more hours so that we can be double dog sure you are qualified.  Belts and suspenders.

After she meets with the students and faculty at Ole Miss, I believe new Dean needs to come talk to the Supreme Court and they need to work though some of these issues.  Likewise, the new Dean at MC needs to have these discussions when he/she is named next year.

We have to earn the public’s confidence, and we must make the path to a Bar license less expensive but producing a higher quality lawyer.

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