The NEW Criminal Rules will result in change

As a result of the NEW Criminal Rules, the following Rules must be removed from the Uniform Rules of Circuit and Chancery Court Practice.

6.01 Scope of Rules Applicable Only in Criminal Proceedings.
6.02 Bail.
6.03 Initial Appearance.
6.04 Preliminary Hearing.
6.05 Waiver of Initial Appearance and Preliminary Hearing.
6.06 Change of Venue.
6.07 All Applications to Be Made by Motion.
6.08 Interactive Audiovisual Devices
7.01 Charge to the Grand Jury.
7.02 Grand Jury.
7.03 Grand Jury Not to Do Certain Things.
7.04 Grand Jury Secrecy.
7.05 Recalcitrant Witnesses Before Grand Jury.
7.06 Indictments.
7.07 Multiple Count Indictments.
7.08 Joinder of Defendants.
7.09 Amendment of Indictments.
8.01 Arraignment.
8.02 Review of Bond and Setting of Deadlines for Pretrial Motions.
8.03 Defendant’s Presence at Plea.
8.04 Entry of Guilty Pleas, Plea Bargaining, Withdrawal of Guilty Pleas.
8.05 Pro Se Defendants.
9.01 Pretrial Publicity.
9.02 Trial Docket.
9.03 Severance.
9.04 Discovery.
9.05 Alibi Defense Discovery.
9.06 Competence to Stand Trial.
9.07 Insanity Defense.
9.08 Omnibus Hearing.
10.01 Jury Selection.
10.02 Jury Sequestration.
10.03 Opening and Closing Statement.
10.04 Bifurcated Trials.
10.05 New Trials.
11.01 Sentencing.
11.02 Presentence Investigation and Report.
11.03 Enhancement of Punishment.
11.04 Post-conviction Fines, Payment of Fines and Indigents.
11.05 Entry of Order and Duty of Clerk.
12.01 Post-conviction Bail.
12.02 Appeals From Justice or Municipal Court.
12.03 Appeals From County Court.
12.04 Writ of Certiorari.
Appendix A. Sample Charge to Grand Jury.

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