Don’t you love the Fifth Circuit

Here is my new favorite opinion:

 Forum Subsea Rentals v. Tareka A. Elsharhawy, No. 14-20717 F
Before PRADO, SOUTHWICK, and GRAVES, Circuit Judges. EDWARD C. PRADO, Circuit Judge:
Sometimes, in litigating a case, lawyers ought to put themselves in the shoes of the judges before them. Consider the conversation that naturally flows from Appellants’ Petition for Panel Rehearing here:
Judge 1: Did you see Appellants’ petition for rehearing?
Judge 2: No, what do they say?
Judge 3: Well, they begin the petition with a strange hypothetical conversation between a lawyer and client.
Judge 1: I cannot imagine why they thought that was a good idea.
Judge 2: What’s their argument?
Judge 3: They say that we made a mistake by not expressly addressing their personal jurisdiction argument.
Judge 2: That’s silly. It goes without saying that there was personal  jurisdiction here.
Judge 1: I agree. The company reached out to Appellee in Texas, traveled to Texas to negotiate the contract, and entered into a contract with a Texas corporation.
Judge 2: So what do you think we should do about their petition?
Judge 1: Deny it.
Judge 3: I agree. Deny.
Judge 2: Sounds right.

IT IS ORDERED that Appellants’ Petition for Panel Rehearing is DENIED.
Thanks to Above the Law

One thought on “Don’t you love the Fifth Circuit

  1. What other result could the attorney expect based on that motion. How bizarre. I would like to see the conversation between attorney and client following the denial.

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