Legislature – Senate bills filed (Part 3)

Here is a list of the Senate bills filed:

SB2015 Crimes; create the crime of employment fraud

SB2016 Prohibited trade practices; include certain restrictive actions by contact lens suppliers or manufacturers.

SB2021 Children’s Justice Center; change name to Children’s Safe Center.

SB2036 Domestic violence; clarify entry of criminal protection orders in the registry.

SB2047 False report of child abuse or neglect; provide criminal penalties and civil liability.

SB2048 Juvenile sentencing; provide criteria for determining parole eligibility & require hearing before imposing life without parole.

SB2050 Expunction of felony; revise.

SB2051 Habitual criminal; revise computation of prior convictions.

SB2052 Trusty time; exempt juvenile offenders from provisions that render all other offenders ineligible for a reduction in sentence.

SB2053 Earned time; exempt juvenile offenders from the provisions which could make them ineligible for a reduction in sentence.

SB2054 Smoking in all public places; prohibit.

SB2055 Texting; prohibit while driving for all ages.

SB2056 Radar; authorize use by sheriffs.

SB2063 DUI; increase penalty for 4th and 5th offenses.

SB2064 Judges; provide additional chancellor for the Fourth Chancery Court District.

SB2072 Parental Rights Act; create.

SB2083 Child support; arrearage not pursued absent proof of nonpayment.

SB2085 Child custody; noncustodial parent allowed opportunity to object to other parent’s proposed move of minor child.

SB2090 Visitation; allow to third party under certain limited circumstances.

SB2094 Indecent exposure; revise penalty.

SB2097 Paternity; clarify circumstances under which putative father cannot contest.

SB2098 Child support; duty does not terminate for disabled children.

SB2113 Workers’ Compensation; increase maximum total recovery and remove cap on permanent total disability compensation.

SB2116 Courts; prohibit applying foreign law.

SB2117 Fondling of a child under 18; revise offense and penalty.

SB2118 Controlled substance; revise Schedules I, II, III and IV.

SB2121 Enhanced penalty for simple and aggravated assault; enhance list of protected personnel.

SB2125 Sexual battery; conform statute of limitation to rape.

SB2126 Witness Protection Program; create

SB2129 Divorce; revise property settlement and child custody when on ground of irreconcilable difference

SB2136 Capital murder; revise.

SB2137 Retirement; PERS members convicted of job-related felonies shall be terminated from system

SB2148 Child support; may continue past age of majority for a disabled child.

SB2159 Crime Lab; rename “Mississippi Forensics Laboratory.”

SB2187 Third Circuit District; revise residency requirement.

SB2197 Riding bailiffs; revise per diem.

SB2205 Youth court records; revise confidentiality.

SB2209 Expunction of felony; revise.

SB2210 Sex offender registration; conform to Adam Walsh Act for certain juvenile offenders.

SB2212 Youth court; clarify original jurisdiction of certain serious crimes.

SB2213 Sex offender registration; clarify for very young offenders.

SB2214 Expunction; revise list of felonies that a first-time offender is allowed to expunge.

SB2216 Controlled substances; enhance penalty for illegal sale in proximity to drug rehab facility.

SB2227 Property Insurance Clarity Act; create.

SB2231 Constables; revise fees charged for service of process.

SB2271 Legal notice; political subdivisions may use website as alternative means of dissemination.

SB2272 Infants; to be adjudicated a neglected child if birth mother tests positive for drug use.

SB2283 Voyeurism; revise penalty for.

SB2290 MDOC Early Release Programs; prohibit participation in by offenders convicted of house burglary

SB2294 Children; clarify reporting of certain crimes against.

SB2295 Arrest of students on school property; provide for collection of data.

SB2306 Expunction of record; allow filing fee in municipal court.

SB2310 Mississippi Uniform Limited Partnership Act; revise and expand.

SB2311 Civil liability; prohibit damages for wrongful birth or wrongful life

SB2322 MS Workers’ Compensation Assigned Risk Plan; certain insurers must provide notice that minimum premium is fully earned.

SB2323 Death benefits trust fund; create for beneficiaries of local emergency management officials, coroners & deputy coroners.

SB2330 Probation/parole fees; extend date of repeal on MDOC’s authority to collect from offenders under field supervision.

SB2334 Tenth Circuit District; create subdistrict and additional judge.

SB2335 Children; clarify reporting of certain crimes against.

SB2336 Workers’ compensation; increase maximum total recovery and remove cap on permanent total disability compensation.

SB2339 Justice court; revise service of process

SB2341 Statutory rape; must be knowing and willful.

SB2342 Divorce; create bona fide separation as the 13th ground.

SB2347 Digital privacy; labor and employment protections.

SB2348 Court administrators; revise continuing education requirements.

SB2354 Judges; ineligible for office under certain conditions.

SB2360 Eminent Domain Intrastate Pipeline Clarification Act; enact.

SB2364 Real property liens; clarify Notice of Contest of Lien form.

SB2369 Death penalty; eliminate for persons with mentally retardation

SB2377 Statewide monetary assessments; revise

SB2380 Auto liability insurance; insurance card may be displayed on cellular phone when providing proof of insurance.
SC 505 Mourn the loss and commend the life and public service of former Senator and Judge Ray Montgomery.

SC 507 Commend the judicial service of veteran Hinds Circuit Court Judge William F. Coleman and expressing sympathy of the Legislature

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