Legislature – House Bills filed (Part 2)

Here are the remainder of the House bills that have been filed (through 1/19):

HB 207 Land conveyance; require letter of attorney to be recorded in county where land is located.

HB 225 Fees associated with successful prosecutions of paternity case; revise.

HB 226 Retirement; PERS members convicted of job-related felonies shall be terminated from system.

HB 229 Uninsured motorist; provide certain may not recover noneconomic loss in accident with insured driver

HB 231 Capital murder; include beheading in definition of.

HB 232 Patent infringements; penalize bad faith assertions of.

HB 233 Mortgages; establish alternative foreclosure procedures giving borrowers a chance to modify their loans first.

HB 234 Mortgages; establish foreclosure procedures giving borrowers a chance to modify their loans first.

HB 235 Expunction; revise.

HB 236 Nursing homes; require to purchase and maintain a minimum amount of liability insurance.

HB 238 Subdivision plats; provide that future filings may be in digital media format

HB 240 Crimes; create offense of fraudulent use of military records.

HB 241 Controlled substances; include derivatives of synthetic cannabinoids.

HB 242 Expunction of misdemeanor convictions; revise provisions regulating.

HB 243 Voyeurism; revise meaning of.

HB 244 The Mississippi Children’s Good Samaritan Motor Vehicle Rescue Act; create.

HB 245 School Violence Prevention Act of 2015; enact to address the crime of cyberbullying.

HB 246 Fraud; create procedure to recover false tax claims and other claims.

HB 247 Radar; prohibit use within 1,000 feet of posted point where speed limit is reduced.

HB 249 Sexual assault evidence; provide policy for submission and analysis.

HB 250 Law enforcement officer; create discipline commission to hear complaints.

HB 251 Crimes; prohibit installing or selling counterfeit air bags.

HB 252 Public drunkenness; revise.

HB 253 Safe2Tell Program; establish to allow anonymous reports of threatening behavior or endangering activities by students.

HB 254 State health plan; prohibit false claims.

HB 254 State health plan; prohibit false claims.

HB 255 Rape kits; require inventory of those untested.

HB 256 Burglary; enhanced penalties for repeat offenders.

HB 257 Violent crimes; require DNA testing for arrests.

HB 258 DUI; revise penalty for second or subsequent offense of driving with suspended license.

HB 259 Expunction; revise.

HB 260 Restitution; revise for crime victims.

HB 261 Prescription monitoring program; collected data not subject to disclosure in any civil proceedings.

HB 262 Habitual offender; no plea bargaining for violent offenders.

HB 263 Controlled substances; felony to bring into state, county or municipal facility.

HB 264 Expunction; delete requirement that judge make specific findings for denying.

HB 265 Implied Consent Law; allow sentence for violations to include house arrest at rehab center.

HB 266 Employment-at-will doctrine; abolish and create “Good Faith in Employment Act.”

HB 267 Trains; create duty of operators of to look out for persons and property on railroad tracks.

HB 268 Execution or attachment; revise property exempt from seizure under.

HB 269 Law enforcement officers, firefighters and conservation officers; legal to videotape while on duty.

HB 270 Contracts; provide for postnuptial agreements.

HB 271 Drug or alcohol overdose; immunity for reporting and when seeking health care treatment for.

HB 272 Bad checks; include electronic transfers in definition of laws regulating.

HB 277 Controlled Substances Law; revise forfeiture proceedings.

HB 278 DNA; require from persons arrested for felonies.

HB 279 Marijuana; correctly spell in Uniform Controlled Substances Law.

HB 280 Expungement; include conspiracy.

HB 281 DUI; revise license suspension for test refusal if licensee pleads guilty.

HB 282 Implied consent; toll suspension period during appeals for refusal to submit to chemical test.

HB 283 Death penalty; prohibit imposition when based solely on circumstantial evidence.

HB 284 Drug forfeitures; allow constables to participate in seizure and distribution of assets.

HB 287 Nonviolent offenders; authorize reduction of sentences for passage of end-of-course subject area tests by the offenders.

HB 288 Department of Corrections; provide certain educational programs for adult offender

HB 290 Open meetings law; create civil penalty for disclosing information from executive session of public body
HB 293 Weapons; prohibit discharge near petroleum products.

HB 294 Harvest permits; revise vehicles eligible for to include those carrying disposal well waters to.

HB 295 Caylee’s Law; create.

HB 296 Sex offenders; require to list status on social media.

HB 298 Crimes; make felony for impersonating law enforcement officer.

HB 322 Littering; increase fine to $500.00 per violation.

HB 325 Radar; authorize sheriff to use in counties over 70,000 and impose additional state assessment for violation when used.

HB 331 Crimes; revise expunction of certain convictions.

HB 335 Speed limit; increase maximum for interstate highways and certain controlled access highways from 70 mph to 75 mph.

HB 346 MS Motor Vehicle Safety-Responsibility Law; allow certain exclusions and limitations on liability insurance required under.

HB 347 Drone Prohibition Act; create.

HB 348 Divorce; create 13th ground for noncohabitation

HB 358 Radar; authorize patrol officers of Pearl River Valley Water Supply District to use.

HC 1   Honorable Judge Henry W. Palmer; commend life and legacy of public service upon his passing

HC 4    Constitution; amend to authorize the Legislature to grant certain authority for metropolitan governmental creation.

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