Legislature is back in session

Every year, I enjoy looking at the list of bills filed in the Legislature.  Only a few will be passed. I will have a series of posts that include only the bill that affect the judiciary, listed by number and title.

Here are some of the bills filed from HB 1 – 200:

HB 5 Interrogations; require that all conducted by law enforcement be recorded on video.

HB 6 State advertising; prohibit elected and appointed officers from publicly participating in.

HB 21 Grandparents’ visitation rights; expand availability of.

HB 31 Retirement; persons convicted of certain felonies shall forfeit benefits from PERS, SLRP and MHSPRS.

HB 57 Grand jury indictment; defendant entitled to hearing before upon request.

HB 58 Jurors; revise competency requirements.

HB 59 Discovery; defendant entitled to in criminal cases in all courts.

HB 134 Candy; prohibit sale of that mimics tobacco. [I included this only because I am concerned that we will no longer see those blue and pink bubble gum cigars.]

HB 157 Birth certificate; change surname of child to that of natural father upon proof of marriage to the child’s mother.

HB 158 Grandparent visitation; revise to include great-grandparent visitation rights.

HB 163 Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act; enact.

HB 164 Property exempt from seizure under execution or attachment; increase quantity of land included in homestead exemption.

HB 165 Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act; create under authority of Insurance Commissioner.

HB 159 Estates; provide for a statutory order of abatement for shares of distributees of property of a deceased.

HB 160 Foreign executor or administrator; revise authority of financial institutions to turn over property or funds of a decedent to.

HB 161 Concealed weapons permit; exempt retired law enforcement officers.

HB 162 Conservator; allow appointment for a single transaction.

HB 168 Attorneys; exempt certain former judges from continuing legal education requirements.

HB 171 Mississippi Criminal Justice Commission; create

HB 173 Employers; prohibit from inquiring about applicant’s criminal history.

HB 177 Courts; prohibit from applying foreign law under certain circumstances.

HB 180 Death sentence; revise time for appeals.

HB 182 Real Property owners; revise standard of care owed to guests and invitees.

HB 183 Justice court; provide jurisdiction over property seized for game and fish violations.

HB 184 Mississippi Tort Claims Act; revise to provide firefighters immunity for emergency response services.

HB 185 Divorce; revise habitual cruel and inhuman treatment to include verbal, emotional or psychological abuse.

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