The Who and the Why of this Blog

The Who — Kenny Griffis, Judge, Court of Appeals of the State of Mississippi

The Why — I want to.

Actually, I think I can provide some information that would be useful to the members of The Mississippi Bar and others.  I am very interested in the role judges play, and I want to help lawyers practice law.  That is what I plan to write about.

I will not comment on cases that are pending in the trial courts or Court of Appeals.  I may comment on cases pending before the Supreme Court, but we will see.  Nothing written in this blog should be considered as a comment on any pending case.  Also, nothing written in this blog should be considered as legal advice.

I don’t consider it appropriate in this blog to criticize judges, lawyers or the parties to a case.  I don’t intend to do so.

I’m new to blogging.  Hopefully, I will improve and offer useful information.  Please have patience with me. Whatever is written in this blog is my responsibility/fault.  Please do not consider what I may write as the opinion of the Court of Appeals or any of my fellow judges.  Often they disagree with me.

If you have any questions, comments or encouragement you can contact me at



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